Earthquake in the Hida Region, Gifu Prefecture on February 27

On February 27, 2011 at 02:18 (JST), there was a M5.0 earthquake (maximum seismic intensity 4) at a depth of 4km in the Hida region, Gifu prefecture, and at 05:38 (JST), there was a M5.5 earthquake (maximum seismic intensity 4) at almost the same place. Every focal mechanism showed a reverse fault with a compression axis in a NNW-SSE direction. The event caused damage with two partially collapsed houses (Fire and Disaster Management Agency). As of March 6, there were 34 earthquakes with seismic intensity 1 or over in the seismic region a. The activity has gradually been declining.
For the seismic activity since October 1997, in the vicinity of the recent event (Area a), there have been no earthquakes over M5.0.

For the seismic activity since August 1923, in the area around the recent event (Area b), there were three earthquakes of M5.0 or over, including the recent one, but there has been no earthquake of M6.0 or over.

Japan Meteorological Agency
[Seismic Activity for February 2011 (March 9, 2011)]