Effect on the expected off-shore Miyagi prefecture earthquake by the earthquake in northern Miyagi prefecture at 7:13 on July 26, 2003 (M6.2) (CFF)

In the figure above, the CFF was calculated to show the effect on the expected off-shore Miyagi prefecture earthquake. The calculation was done for the case of slip on a fault for a standard model of a M6.2 earthquake, with strike = 243 degrees, dip = 40 degrees, slip direction = 117 degrees, from the first-motion focal mechanism of the main shock (figure on the left). The CFF was evaluated for fault orientations with strike = 190 degrees, dip = 76 degrees, slip direction = 76 degrees. The distribution in the figure above is for values on the fault surface that slopes with depth.

TheCFF values are negative in most parts of the expected focal region with the largest changes of about 10mbar.